Saturday, April 21, 2018

Time to Review

Reviewing songs is critical for the message, melody and words to stick in our minds - regardless of age.

Dot-to-Dot Review

  • Cut out at least 10 circles the size of a dinner plate out of colored paper.
  • Write a word or short phrase on the back of each circle from the songs you want to review.
  • Use a magnet or tape to put all the circles on the board in random order
  • Have a child choose a circle.
  • Read the word or phrase.
  • Ask the children what song the word or phrase comes from.
  • Sing the song. (Note if there are parts that need a little more review.)
  • Choose another circle and repeat process.
Because you will be singing the songs several times, make sure you take note if difficult parts become easier with practice.  You may want to work on these sections if time permits or next week.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Priesthood Is Restored

"The Priesthood Is Restored," p. 89, is a simple yet powerful song to teach to the children.  It has a "march" feel to it and is quite powerful in music and words.  Retell the story of the priesthood restoration to Joseph Smith.  Have the children help you as they can.

  • If possible, download  children singing it from the church website and play it for the children.
  • Show a picture of the priesthood being restored to Joseph Smith
  • Sing the first line and then have the children sing it with you a few times.
  • Sing the second line and then have the children sing it with you a few times.  Sing both lines together with the piano accompaniment.
  • Sing the third phrase and then have the children sing it with you a few times.
  • Sing the forth phrase and then have the children sing it with you a few times. 
  • Sing the two last phrases together.
  • Sing the whole song.
  • stand and sing it with power (not yelling).
  • Be sure to hold out the last note at least 4 counts - longer if possible.
The children will enjoy singing this song!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Sacred Grove

"The Sacred Grove," p. 87, explains simply Joseph Smith's prayer in the grove of trees.  The children will enjoy singing this song once they have learned it

Show a picture of Joseph Smith in the sacred grove while you sing the first verse.

  • Ask the children what "green and fresh" might look like.
  • Sing the first phrase then have the children sing it with you.
  • Sing the second phrase, then have the children sing it with you.  Tell the children that the third phrase is the same but with a different melody.
  • Sing the third phrase, then have the children sing it with you.
  • Sing the first 3 phrases two times.
  • Sing the last phrase then have the children sing it with you.
  • Sing the whole first verse  twice.
Show a picture of the first vision.
  • Sing the 2nd verse.
  • Ask the children to tell what Joseph asked Heavenly Father.
  • Ask what Heavenly Father answered.
  • Sing the first two phrases then have the children sing it with you.
  • Sing the last 3 phrases then have the children sing it with you.
  • Sing the last verse two or three times
Depending on time, you may only be able to teach the first verse.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

God speaks to us

We have the opportunity to sustain a new prophet and two new apostles April 1, 2018.  What a great event!

This is a good time to review the words to "If the Savior Stood Beside Me."  We have been given a prophet to guide us and help us live as if the Savior were beside us.

Share with the children your testimony, especially with Easter being next week.  The third verse tells us how Christ is always there for us, how he "dearly" loves us and watches over us.

Remind the children that God uses his prophet and apostles to give us His message.  So, If we want to know what the Savior wants us to know today, listen to General Conference and we can all know.

There are ideas for Easter activities in earlier posts if you need more ideas.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Kite Review

Using different and fun visuals put pizzazz into reviewing songs.

  • cut several (6 - 8) kite shapes out of various colored paper (diamond shape works quite well) You can use more kites depending on how many words and/or phrases you want to have.  Different sizes and shapes are also fun.
  • tape a piece of string or yarn on the end for a tail (8 to 10 inches long)
  • Put key words from the phrases of the song you would like to review
    • "If the Savior Stood Beside Me"
      • commandments
      • example
      • righteously
      • say
      • do
      • near me
      • words
      • gospel
      • reverently
      • kind of person
      • watchful
Depending on the amount of time you have, ask one or two children to put a kite in the "air" (on the board) and sing the song.  Ask the children to stand or raise their hand when they sing the word or words on the kite.  continue until all the kites are flying.

You may want to divide the kites by verses so you sing one verse at a time.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

If the Savior Stood Beside Me

"If the Savior Stood Beside Me"

In March of 2013, I wrote the following post to teach this song.  It has been used in the 2008 Primary Sacrament Program as well.  I am re-publishing it for those of you have not been serving in primary for 5 years or more.  
Using a set of pictures from the scriptures one week and the set in the program , p. 28, the next week, can help the children see how the message in this song are eternal and apply to all of us at any time in history.
"If the Savior Stood Beside Me" is the song for March.  The music is printed in the 2013 Sacrament Meeting Program.  It was used in the 2008 Sacrament Meeting Program, as well.  There is a great idea on page 26 for teaching this song.  On the church website, the entire song is printed out with a question mark in the back ground.  I love the pictures that were chosen to go with the questions, however, I couldn't find them all.  Instead of using modern day pictures, I am using pictures from the scriptures such as for the phrase, "would I do the things I do," the picture of Nephi subduing his rebellious brothers or the conversion of Alma the Younger, would be appropriate and a little more difficult to match.  I like to have easy pictures that match the words for the younger children and pictures that the older ones need to think about.

Place the words in order on the board.  Put the pictures on the sides of the board.  Sing the first phrase and have the children find the picture that goes with the phrase.  If they choose the "wrong" picture, put it under the question anyway and go to the next phrase.  Hopefully they will see the mistake as more pictures are chosen.  Be sure to sing the phrases several times.

This activity may take the entire singing time.  You could teach the second and third verse the next 2 weeks the same way.  Be sure to sprinkle in an active song such as "Do as I'm Doing," "Fun to Do," "Popcorn Popping...," etc. help with keeping wiggles under control.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Choosing Time

During the wintertime, sometimes things get a little dull - boring, as children put it.  Try a singing time of all the children's favorite songs or teacher's favorites.  If your pianist is capable, you can do a "choosing time" on the spot.  However, if he/she needs to practice first, you choose the songs the children like so the pianist has time to practice before you sing.

Don't forget to use action songs like "Do as I'm Doing," "Fun to Do," "Once there Was a Snowman," "Rain (Snow)Is Falling," "The Wise Man..." etc.  There will be songs from previous programs that the children love to sing.

You might consider ending singing time with "I Am a Child of God."