Friday, April 28, 2017

Mother's Day

Mother's day is a few weeks away. Whether the children are singing in Sacrament meeting, a special presentation in Primary or just to be prepared to sing to Moms and Grandmas, begin learning or reviewing some Mother's Day songs. There are 12 songs in the Primary Songbook that are appropriate for this special day.  Choose your favorites or try the ones with activities listed below.

When We're Helping p. 198

  • bring a basket or bag with a few pieces of laundry - hand towel, wash cloth, a few T-shirts, etc.
  • place the clothes (unfolded) in a pile on a table or chair
  • ask the children if folding these clothes would help their mother
  • have a few children come up and fold them as you sing this song
  • bring a few dishes 
  • ask a child to come up and set the table using the dishes
  • sing the song as they set the table
  • ask the children what they could do after dinner - wash or place dishes in dishwasher
  • Sing the song as a few children play like they are cleaning up the dishes.
My Mother Dear p. 203 make or find pictures of the following:
  • sunshine, a colorful flower, bluebird, a picture of a mother
  • sing the song using the pictures to prompt the phrases
  • sing one phrase and have the children sing with you a few times
  • Sing the next phrase a few times and continue with the last two phrases
  • Have the children sing the entire song a few times
  • ask for helpers to hold up the pictures as you sing 

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Help the children understand the event leading up to the resurrection of Christ.

Choose songs (about 8) from the Easter songs that the children know, include Popcorn Popping, p. 242, In the Leafy Treetops, p.240, Rain Is Falling, p. 241, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, p.228.

Choose several pictures (8) that tell about the last week of Christ's life. Use large pictures from your ward library so they are big enough for the children to see. Tape or hang them around the room.  Ask the children to put them in chronological order or have a child tell about the event.  Sing a song in between each picture.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

General Conference Preparation

Next week is General Conference.  It's important that we encourage the children to listen or engage somehow to Conference.

Find several pictures of prophets through the ages, including Pres. Monson, and place them for the children to see.

Sing the first verse and chorus of Follow the Prophet, p. 110.  Tell them about General conference next week and ask them why we have Conference. (Answers will vary)  Sing the chorus again.

Ask the children to look at the pictures and think about the following questions:

  • Can you name one of the prophets?
  • Did they speak to the people of their time?
  • Were they accepted well or did the people try to kill them?
  • Can you think of any prophets that were killed by the unbelievers?
  • Why do we have prophets?
  • Can we learn from ancient prophets like Alma, Abinidi, Nephi, Moses, Abraham, etc.?
  • What do learn from Joseph Smith?
  • What can we learn from Pres. Monson?
You can come up with your own questions and add to the list.

Intersperse the questions with the following songs:
  • Follow the Prophet, p. 110  (sing one verse at a time)
  • Latter-day Prophets p. 134
  • Stand for the Right p. 159
  • Keep the Commandments p.146
  • We'll Bring the World His Truth p.172
  • Choose the Right hymn # 239
  • Book of Mormon Stories p.118
  • End with the last verse of Follow the Prophet p. 110

Saturday, March 11, 2017

"Nephi's Courage" Review

Review Nephi's Courage, pg. 120, with the following activity:

  • Assign each class a word from the song and stand every time it is sung.
    • Command, commandment or commanded
    • courageous
    • obey
    • try
    • go
    • do
An alternative activities are:
  • Write the words on the board and ask the children to raise their hand every time they sing one of the words.
  • Have the children stand whenever they sing: command, commandment or commanded
  • Boys stand when they sing go.  Girls stand when they sing do

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Nephi's Courage

This song will stick to children throughout life!  It's a favorite to sing, also. Using visuals helps children and adults remember the words as well as the meaning of the song.

You will need the following:

  • word strips of: Commands, Commandments, Commanded, Reply
  • a picture of "the plates"
  • cutouts of Laban, Laman, Lemuel and Nephi (use an outlined picture of any biblical man and color the clothes differently and label each one with one of the names.)
  • picture or cutout of a boat
Verse 1 and 2
  • Sing one line at a time using the pictures, then have the children sing it with you.
  • Hold up the word strips as you sing the word or tape them to the board and point to them as you sing the word. 
  • Point our that there are rhyming words at the end of the lines (phrases).  Ask the children to see if they can hear them.
Verse 3
  • 1st phrase - sing this phrase and ask, "What commandments does Heavenly Father give us?  How do we obey them?  Sing the phrase with the children.
  • 2nd phrase - sing this phrase and ask, "How are we tempted to make wrong choices?"
  • Sing the next 2 phrases about being discouraged and courageous.  Ask the children if they have ever been discouraged and then had the courage to do what's right.  Sing the two phrases with the children.
  • Sing the chorus and ask how many times you sang  "commands?"  Sing it again if necessary.
  • Ask the children if any of the phrases in the chorus are repeated.  You may need to sing the chorus again.
  • Ask how the Lord provides a way for to keep his commandments.
  • Why does Heavenly Father want us to obey?
  • Sing the whole chorus - with exuberance.
Sing the entire song and ask the children to tally how many times they sing "command, commandments and commanded."

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review Hearts

At least once a month I try to review songs that we have learned since January. This month I'm using red and pink hearts .  I put the names of several songs on the back of each heart:

  • I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus - 1st verse
  • I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus - 2nd verse
  • When I Am Baptized - 1st verse
  • When I Am Baptized - 2nd verse
  • Choose the Right - verse only
  • Choose the Right - chorus only
  • 2 - 5 more songs the children know.
Tap the hearts on the board or around the room.  Ask a child to pick a heart and read the name of the song.  Sing the song.  repeat the process until you have sung all the songs.  Make note of the ones the children need more work on for another week.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Order the Words

A great review activity for any song/songs is "find the word" and put them in order that they are sung.

Here are two examples:
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus:

  • trying
  • following
  • say
  • tempted
  • choice
  • whispers
  • learning
  • gladness
  • lessons
  • gentle
When I Am Baptized
  • rainbows
  • ponder
  • beauty
  • earth
  • baptized
  • washed
  • forgiven
  • improve
  • rain
  • best
Make word strips of each word and tape them to the board jumbled up.  Sing the song. Ask two children to place two words (or more as time permits) in the order that they are sung in the song.  Sing the song again and follow the same procedure until all the words are in order.

A more difficult activity is to use words from two songs. Sing them both and have children take turns sorting and putting the words in order.  It's especially fun if you give them 30 seconds to see how many they can sort and/or put in order.