Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Am a Child of God, Variety

The outline for this year has some great ideas and suggestions. It is always up to you as to which song you choose to sing for the Primary Sacrament Program in the fall. The suggested song for this month's theme is "I Am a Child of God."  Most children know this song.  Here is an activity that will add variety to singing the song rather than just singing it through.

  • On 8 cards or sheets of paper, number them 1 - 8  (Make two sets of cards)
  • Give each class one card (If you don't have eight classes, use only cards for  the number of classes that you have or give a class or two one more cards)
  • You keep a set of cards
  • Explain to the children that when you hold up a number, only the class with that number sings. They will need to watch carefully to see when they sing.
  • Hold up a number to begin the song. After each phrase, hold up a different number.
  • The last phrase, "Teach me all that I must do to live with Him some day," have all the children sing. (You can hold up all the numbers or make a card that says "ALL.")
  • It is fun to hold up 2 or more cards so more classes sing.
  • Be sure to sing all the verses, including the 4th verse written below the song.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Seek meaning in singing songs

Excited for the New Year?!?!  This year's outline is a repeat of the 2013 program.  This is the first time a program/outline has been repeated.  That means that most of the children that are 7 to 11 have learned these songs.  What a great opportunity to review and teach in depth!

The songs suggested to support this month's theme (I Am a Child of God, and He Has a Plan for Me) are as follows:

  • Week 1 
    • I Am a Child of God, p. 2
    • I Know My Father Lives, p. 5
  • Week 2 and 3
    • I Will Follow God's Plan, p. 164
  • Week 4
    • Choose the Right, Hymn # 239
Any one of these songs could be used in the Primary Sacrament Meeting this fall.  The more the children sing the songs, the more the songs and meaning become apart of them.

This week try singing all of them and determine which ones need more repetition.  Ask the children about the meaning of each song after they have sung it.  Ask questions that are answered in the song.  This will help you know what you need to explain as they sing for understanding.

I have posts on all of these songs.  If you need more ideas search the tags on the side of the blog for previous posts.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Make Room for Him

"Make Room for Him" is a beautiful song in this month's Friend, p. 30.  It tells of Christ's birth and how we can appreciate it today.  This would be a great week to teach it to the primary.

If you can use the sing-a-long video in primary, the children will enjoy seeing/hearing it and it brings in a variety to your singing time.  You can view it on then click on "Music."

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Joy to the World

One of my favorite carols is "Joy to the World."  Teaching children  this carol is quite simple because of the repetition.

  • Read the first phrase and tell them about how the angels must have sung with great joy and enthusiasm as they announced the birth of Jesus.
  • Ask the children to sing like the angels must have sung.
  • "Let earth receive their king!" What a great gift that was then and now.
  • Again, sing like the angels must have sung.
  • The next phrase talks about letting Christ into our lives/hearts
  • Sing like the angels must have sung.
  • Begin singing the next line soft.  
  • As you repeat this line get louder until the last line you are singing quite loud with enthusiasm.
Teach the next verses in a similar fashion - explaining the meaning of each phrase and singing as the angels would have sung.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Silent Night

Children aren't learning Christmas carols in school as much nowadays.  The definition of a carol is a song that talks about anything that has to do with the birth of Christ - the kings, shepherds, animals, star, Mary, Joseph, angels, manger, etc.

Try teaching them "Silent Night" hymn # 204.  Some children will know it and enjoy singing it.  This lends itself to pictures of the manger scene.  Explain the words and phrases such as:

  • all is bright and calm around Mary and Jesus
  • sleep quietly
Often times children may have heard the song many times but because we don't always enunciate well or the words may be "old fashioned," they do't know what they are saying, but rather mimic what they think they have heard.

Take time to pronounce the words correctly and explain their meaning.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

"Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus"

There is never enough time to sing Christmas songs, so dive in!

"Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus," p. 36 is a great song to begin with.  The original name was "Christmas in Zarahemla." (see p. 36, footnotes)

This song begins in the minor key and tells the story of Samuel prophesy of Christ's birth.  The children may want to help tell the story.

Sing the first verse a few times with the children then sing or read the words to the second verse.  Sing the second verse a few times.

The chorus is joyous and the major key enhances the message of joy.  Sing it for the children then have them sing it with you.  Sing the entire song a few times.

You can also point out the rhyming words throughout the song.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thankful Songs

Adding different lyrics to familiar tunes gives new life to the song.  It also makes you think about the words and/or the message a little more.  A Happy Family and When We're Helping, p. 198, can both be used as "thankful" songs with a few word changes.

I thank Mother; she thanks me.
We thank daddy, yes sirree;
He thanks us, and so you see,
We are a thankful family.

You can change to grandpa, grandma, teacher, friends, sister, brother, bishop, neighbor, uncle, etc.  The children may have some more to add.

When we're thankful, we're happy,
And we sing as we go;
And we like to thank mother,
For we all love her so.

Use the words above to substitute for "mother."