Friday, July 13, 2018

Pioneers Yesterday and Today

A pioneer is one who first discovers a place, area, land and makes it possible to develop.

We refer to the people we settled in Salt Lake City as the early pioneers of the Church of Latter-Day Saints.  It was a desert and they made it "blossom like a rose."  It was hard work, but they made it their home.

Now we have a world-wide church with many pioneers of today.  They may not have discovered a new land but the church is "blossoming" all over the word with "pioneers" who work hard to do missionary work and serve in wards and branches.

Choose a few pioneer songs in the Primary Songbook.  Talk about the challenges the children had as they walked across the plains and then made their home in a desert. 

What sacrifices do we make today to help our church grow?

Friday, July 6, 2018

Pioneers Then and Now

"Pioneer Day" was what my grandmother called "The 24th of July" holiday.  It is the day the pioneers entered the Salt Lake valley in 1847.  Salt Lake City has the third largest parade in the United States on that day.  Yes, it's a big holiday in Utah!

We can all celebrate the freedoms that the pioneers found in this valley, to worship without fear of persecution.  We have grown into a world-wide church and celebrate these same freedoms all over the world.

Share some pioneer stories of children walking that long distance and then sing p. 216, "Little Pioneer Children" and p. 214, "Pioneer Children Sang..."  If time permits, sing p. 215, "Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey."

Ask the children questions about the children then and now.

  • What were some difficult things about being a pioneer?
  • What is difficult today?
  • Why was it important to quickly obey as a pioneer child?
  • Why should we quickly obey today?
  • What did the pioneer children do for fun?
  • What do we do for fun?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Families Can Be Together Forever

"Families Can Be Together Forever," p. 188 is the song for July.  This is also the theme for the month.  This song should be a part of all primary repertoire.  A fun way to review is as follows:

  • Ask each class to take a turn singing a phrase. (Start with an older class so the younger classes can see the example.)  
  • Ask the oldest class to stand and sing: "I have a family here on earth."
  • Second class stands quickly and sings: "They are so good to me."
  • Continue until you reach the chorus, then everyone sings the chorus together.
  • Sing the second verse the same way.
  • You could also rotate boys and girls singing each phrase and challenge them to keep continuity - no breaks or stops between phrases.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Patriotism is important to all of us no matter where we live or what country.  There are 2 great songs in the Primary Songbook about patriotism. 

"My Country," p. 224, gives a message of being proud or who we are and where we live.  It is also perfect for including children from different countries.  Use a world map to locate where some of the children's ancestors are from.  Then show the flag of that country.  You could also point out where missionaries from your ward are serving and show that flag.

"My Flag, My Flag," p. 225, expresses pride for our flag.  Before teaching this song, find flags (or pictures of them) from countries where some of the children's ancestors are from or from where missionaries in your ward or stake are serving.

Both songs are quite easy to teach one phrase at a time.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Celebrate Father's

Celebrate fathers through song!  List all the Father's/ family songs the children know, then gather the "dad bag."

Dad Bag:

  • shoes, small shovel, hammer, dish towel, tie, barbecue spatula, scriptures, child's book, The Friend magazine etc. or any other item that you can relate to fathers
  • place in a bag
  • pull one item out or let a child pull one out and ask how fathers could use it.
  • sing one of your chosen songs.
  • repeat process
Children will enjoy sharing how their fathers help them and it will remind them of all the things fathers do for us!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Review Father's Day Songs

Use ALL or as much time as you can singing.  Children will learn far more from song than any lesson or presentation.  They will hum or sing a song when they are busy working or playing.  They recognize when a song is familiar to them.  Next time your congregation sings one of the primary songs in Sacrament meeting, glance around at the children and see their faces light up and join in singing.  Music is powerful!

Review Father's Day songs this week.  Choose various children to tell one thing that their father does for them then sing one of the Father's Day songs.  Include grandfathers, uncles, home teacher, Bishop etc.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up and there are 9 songs that celebrate fathers.  Some just need to change "Mother" to "Father."

My favorite is "Fathers," p. 209.  It talks about our own father, the father of our ward - bishop, and our Heavenly Father. 

"Love Is Spoken Here," p. 190 tells about the role fathers play in the family.

There are also the grandfather songs listed under "Grandparents" in the Primary Songbook.

Challenge yourself and your primary to see how many you can learn before Father's Day.  Check out earlier posts on specific helps in teaching many of these songs.