Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Child's Prayer

Last week's post was on ideas for teaching the Hymn, "Come Follow Me."   Hymns can be a little more difficult to learn for children but constant review will seal them in their minds so when we sing a hymn that they have learned in Sacrament meeting, their eyes will light up and they will sing along.

Take time each week to review "Come Follow Me."  Challenge them and yourself to learn all verses.

"A Child's Prayer" is a favorite of children once they know it.  They love singing the duet part.

Choose two pictures of a child or children praying.  Use one picture for the first verse and the second for the second verse.  Use the same two pictures as you are learning the song.  The children will identify each verse with the picture.  Learn the first verse well.  Then learn the second verse just as well.

When you sing the duet, hold the first verse picture for one side of the primary to sing and the other picture for the other side to sing.  Then switch sides.  the pictures will determine which verse is to be sung.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Singing Time - 2019 "Come Follow Me"

Here is the suggested songs for Primary for 2019.  You can read more about the new schedule beginning this year at

Begin with one of the songs the children already know if possible.  "Come Follow Me," hymn #116, is a perfect hymn to sing when a quiet reverence is needed.  Read through the words so you are familiar with it.  I like to challenge the children to learn all verses.
  • cut out simple foot steps and print one word on each form every phrase.
    • 1st phrase - follow
    • 2nd phrase - Footsteps
    • 3rd phrase - alone
    • 4th phrase - begotten
  • Use this simple pattern for all 6 verses
Learning all the verses will help the children sing in Sacrament meeting, gives them words to think about when they need help or inspiration, and it's a great challenge! 

Music for Singing Time in 2019


Come, Follow Me,” Hymns, no. 116
A Child’s Prayer,” Children’s Songbook, 12–13
Jesus Once Was a Little Child,” Children’s Songbook, 55


Baptism,” Children’s Songbook, 100–101
I Will Follow God’s Plan,” Children’s Songbook, 164–65
He Sent His Son,” Children’s Songbook, 34–35


I’m Trying to Be like Jesus,” Children’s Songbook, 78–79
Did You Think to Pray?” Hymns, no. 140
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus,” Children’s Songbook, 57


Faith,” Children’s Songbook, 96–97
I Feel My Savior’s Love,” Children’s Songbook, 74–75
Jesus Has Risen,” Children’s Songbook, 70


Keep the Commandments,” Children’s Songbook, 146–47
Families Can Be Together Forever,” Children’s Songbook, 188
I Am a Child of God,” Children’s Songbook, 2–3


Love One Another,” Children’s Songbook, 136–37
Behold the Great Redeemer Die,” Hymns, no. 191
Did Jesus Really Live Again?” Children’s Songbook, 64


Stand for the Right,” Children’s Songbook, 159
I’ll Walk with You,” Children’s Songbook, 140–41
I Know My Father Lives,” Children’s Songbook, 5


When I Am Baptized,” Children’s Songbook, 103
The Holy Ghost,” Children’s Songbook, 105
The Lord Gave Me a Temple,” Children’s Songbook, 153


When We’re Helping,” Children’s Songbook, 198
A Child’s Prayer,” Children’s Songbook, 12–13
I Know That My Redeemer Lives,” Hymns, no. 136


When He Comes Again,” Children’s Songbook, 82–83
The Church of Jesus Christ,” Children’s Songbook, 77
I Love to See the Temple,” Children’s Songbook, 95


Search, Ponder, and Pray,” Children’s Songbook, 109
Tell Me, Dear Lord,” Children’s Songbook, 176
Kindness Begins with Me,” Children’s Songbook, 145


My Heavenly Father Loves Me,” Children’s Songbook, 228–29
Choose the Right Way,” Children’s Songbook, 160–61
When I Am Baptized,” Children’s Songbook, 103

Friday, December 14, 2018

Away in a Manger

There are 7 different versions of "Away in a Manger."  The Primary Songbook has one version on page 42 and the Hymn Book #206 is another one.  There are 3 verses that most of us are familiar with.  Try singing both versions with the children.  They are in two different keys so allow for an interlude for the key change. 

Singing the same words to different music helps us listen for the meaning of what we are singing about.

If you need picture prompts for the words here are a few suggestions.

1st verse

  • Manger
  • baby or baby Jesus
  • Stars
  • manger with straw
2nd verse
  • cow or several cattle
  • smiley face
  • heart
  • cradle or bed
3rd verse
  • picture of Jesus with children
  • heart
  • picture of Jesus blessing children
  • Explain what "fit" means - to prepare us, get us ready 
The chorus in the Primary Songbook is fun to sing girls first then boys and all together at the end.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Picture a Christmas

"Picture a Christmas," p. 50, beautifully describes the birth of Jesus.  This activity is fun for the children to act out as they sing.

  • Use a large empty picture frame or make one out of poster board, cardboard or foam board
    • cut two 2' to 3' (larger if you would like) about 3 inches wide
    • cut two pieces the same size for a square frame - smaller for a rectangle frame
    • tape the corners together
    • color if you'd like
  • cut out yellow stars - 4 or 5 and 1 large star (the star of Bethlehem)
  • tape stars on straws so the children can hold them
  • make gold halos for the angels out of gold pipe cleaners
  • use a doll or roll a towel and wrap in a blanket for a baby Jesus
  • use a picture of baby Jesus
Choose several children to be part of the picture.
  • Mary, Joseph, a few shepherds, 4 or 5 stars, a few angels
Ask two children to hold up the frame. Start singing the song.
  • "Picture a sacred, silent night"   the stars stand behind the frame
  • "And can you hear the angels near"    angels stand in front of the stars
  • "And see the star so bright?"   one child stands by the stars with the star of Bethlehem
  • have a child hold up a picture of baby Jesus as you sing the chorus.
Second verse
  • Have a boy (Joseph) stand in the frame
  • a girl (Mary) enters and stands by Joseph holding the baby Jesus
  • Shepherds come in next (a few boys and/or girls)
  • Then sing the chorus.
You can do the who scene without the frame and just set a few chairs for Mary and Joseph and have the rest of the characters stand around them.

The children will love this activity and it will help them remember the words and meaning of the song.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

"Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus"

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is a great day to teach or review "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus," p. 36.  It's perfect to Samuel's prophecy as we prepare for Christmas. 

The notes at the bottom of the page tells what its original title was - "Christmas in Zarahemla."  You might want to ask the children why that title was a good one and perhaps why the current title is good also.

Be sure to sing both verses and sing the chorus joyously!

Saturday, November 17, 2018


My favorite activity the Sunday before Thanksgiving if "Put the Feathers on (or off) of the turkey.  When a child picks a feather, they tell one or two things that they are thankful for and then choose their favorite song to sing or you can put a "thankful" song on the back of each feather and sing that one.

There are several "November" posts that you might want to check out for more ideas.

Saturday, November 10, 2018


I love this time of year - Thankful time!  The Primary Songbook has some great "thankful" songs - pages 6 through 21 and several more under "gratitude" in the index.

"I Am Glad for Many Things," p. 151, is a favorite.  Children love replacing "many things" with something they are specifically thankful for.
"I am gald for my fam'ly, my fam'ly, my fam'ly"
You could sing this many times, asking for things the children are thankful for and then singing about what they are thankful for.

"I'm thankful to Be Me," p. 11, is another "thankful" song the children will enjoy singing.  You could also substitute the words on the third line with other things the children are thankful for.

You could also share pictures of things that we are thankful for and substitute them in place of the words in the song.